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Pezzolato TLK-650 Firewood Processing Plant

Pezzolato TLK-650 Firewood Processing Plant


Pezzolato TLK-650


The advantage with this machine is that it can cut and split logs up to diameter of 650mm not only into firewood but also right down to kindling size pieces. It is a fully automated machine eliminating the number of operators required allowing you to load logs while it gets on with the job.


This industrial plant consists of the TL650 cross-cut station and the automatic K650 splitting station. It was presented for the first time in 2022 and was designed as a complete cutting and splitting system for medium log diameters, which can also process large logs (diameter up to 650 mm) and produce logs with freely programmable edge lengths. The TL-K650 has an automatic ejection of the first cut, optionally with a residue-free cutting of the trunk, requires a limited power connection of 52kW and has an optimization of the cycle time according to the trunk diameter and the billet length.


A combination that guarantees high productivity with just one operator.

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