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Hakki Pilke firewood processors are renowned for their usability and reliability. Each machine is a compact powerhouse that combines Finnish engineering with industrial design. User needs, product quality, high productivity and low operating costs are at the heart of our design process.

Fast set-up, easy adjustments and smooth material flow guarantees uninterrupted operation and the most effective wood processing in the market. Ease of and minimal need for maintenance means less downtime and more firewood processing.


With more than 55 applied patents and its own Research & Development service, RABAUD has placed innovation at the center of its strategy.

From day to day RABAUD is innovating to bring you implements that meet your requirements.

Thanks to the full control of each process engineering, manufacturing, assembly, sales, delivery… RABAUD is in a position to provide you with the best quality of certified French machines.

Giant Wheel Loader.jpg


TOBROCO-GIANT has been manufacturing quality GIANT machines and attachments since 1996 when we opened our first factory in the Netherlands.


Today, TOBROCO-GIANT offers one of the broadest product portfolios in the business with a total of 36 different models in 40 countries, designed and build by a team of 240 enthusiastic employees in our modern factory in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, continuous development and the best components of Kubota, Bosch Rexroth and Comer, TOBROCO-GIANT produces machines and attachments with the utmost care, quality and commitment for the worldwide machinery market.


Eastonmade has provided customers with welding, machining and millwright services since 1939. We deliver only the best products and services with our full line of machining equipment and CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Certification.

Eastonmade is a leader in firewood processors because it’s headed up by a 30-year logging professional who understands the ruggedness and quality you need to get the job done. Backed by a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience, Eastonmade products are sold worldwide.

Eastonmade's firewood processors are the most ruggedly built, easy-to-use and productive processors on the market today.  All firewood processors come with a 1-year parts and labour warranty that can be performed by a capable professional in your area.  Each machine is portable and easy to transport.

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Pezzolato S.p.A. was founded in 1976 and, thanks to the quality of its products, acquires in a short time a leading position in Europe.

Four production ranges, a strong vocation for mechanics which guides the projects and the construction of all machines, the attention paid to the customers’ requirements, a considerable part of the turn over invested in research and development programs are at the base of the growing success of the Company.

Today Pezzolato S.p.A., with two factories, an area of 70.000 m2 (30.000 of which under roof) and 120 employees, can operate with great flexibility, guaranteeing serial products solutions specially designed for meeting the customers’ requirements. These are only some of the reasons that have made Pezzolato a leading company in the European and the world markets.

The success of the company has allowed a gradual knowledge of the customers’ requirements, from small users to large agriculture and forestry companies. Therefore, Pezzolato S.p.A. has created a wide range of machines with different dimensions and performances, in order to offer the appropriate machine for every single requirement.


Fuelwood (Warwick) Ltd design, manufacture, distribute and service professional machinery for the high volume production of kindling wood, firewood and biomass for bothsmall and large commercial applications.

Using Fuelwood’s own industry leading innovative designs, we supply an international base of dealers and end user customers in the forestry, arboriculture, woodland and other tree management markets.

Our head office and factory are uniquely located within our own woodland estate in rural Warwickshire UK. This enables our products to be designed, tested and demonstrated in real life conditions.

British Designed & Manufactured Forestry & Woodland Machinery.
Products you can rely on… from a company you can trust.

Fuelwood UK.jpg


Durable equipment for nature management.

This has been our motto for more than 35 years. We have a proud tradition for developing and manufacturing equipment for nature management – to customers such as farmers to machine pools, from fruit growers and landscape gardeners to municipalities.

At Elkaer we produce versatile equipment for effective maintenance of protective hedges and vegetation lining: fields, drainage ditches, public roads, embankments and large grounds. You can choose from a wide palette of trimmers that are all carefully developed to meet the different needs of our customers.


Denmark’s largest manufacturer of stump grinders has built up a wealth of experience in the construction and design of these products. Production still takes place in Ølholm near Tørring in Denmark where it all began, while sales have spread throughout the world.

A close relationship with our customers and a commitment to further development have resulted in a wide and complete range of FSI stump grinders. These products meet the current demand for a reliable and long-term solution to removing tree stumps in a fast, economical and environmentally friendly way.

FSI Stump Cutter.webp


As a family business located in the center of the Austrian hay region, we construct and sell quality machines for agriculture since 1987, which have been exported worldwide for some time.

Our own research and development have led to innovations in recent years that have made us a leader in our product range.

Together with our partner companies, research centers and cooperation partners – we have implemented customer requirements directly into the product line. Thus, we can offer sophisticated devices, which offer reliability, functionality and a good price/performance ratio.

Quality and Know-How from Austria.


For more than 10 years now, GMT Equipment grapple saws installed on trucks, excavators, telehandlers, tractors, forwarders or skidders are the ideal tree-work solution. Thanks to its ingenious patented design it is possible to install the GMT grapple saw within two hours at no additional cost or no changes to your crane and vehicle. Taken together with the high level of durability, low maintenance, low fuel consumption and reduced man hours, the total costs of ownership are minimal and will make your business more profitable.

GMT Product_edited.png


OMEF-GROUP SRL is an Italian company built up in Tagliolo Monferrato (AL). It covers a 2.200 m² indoor area by production, warehouse, show-room, offices and a vast outdoor space for demonstration activities.

It specializes in design, production and sale of professional equipment for Forestry, Green maintenance and Agriculture, for use with excavator, tractor and other operating machines, boasting more than 20 years of experience, acquired in the construction sector and precision mechanical manufacturing.

Nowadays, much more than in the past, staying competitive means being able to constantly answer the needs of an increasingly demanding market.


The robust WS3150 is suitable for processing larger volumes of firewood for farm, hire or commercial operations. Featuring a 200kg capacity hydraulic log lifter, larger wheels, larger workbench and a larger frame – the WS3150 is the second most powerful splitter in the range.

The innovative double handed control with auto return ensures ease of use, quick cycle times & unmatched safety. The WS3150 is fitted with a 9hp engine delivering a whopping 21 tons of splitting power and a 7 second cycle time.

Couple with optional infeed hoppers and/or outfeed elevators for even greater output. The WS3150 is also available with a 13hp power pack. This model has all the attachments required to fit/retrofit an elevator. Call us to discuss the options.

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