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OMEF Tree Shears BI400

OMEF Tree Shears BI400


Robust and versatile tree shear for excavator, suitable for breakdowns.

It is an attachment for excavator from 18 up to 24 tons.

The high performance hydraulic cylinder operates the grab allowing the trunk cut and its contemporary holding.

Entirely made of special XAR500 wear-resistant steel, which makes it light and powerful, it is equipped with an integrated blade that guarantees a clean and quick cut limiting the operating costs.

It reduces the movements of the operating machine and speeds up the consequent loading, chipping and shredding phases.


Excavator class weight: 18-24 ton

Attachment weight: 650kg

Min truck grip: 120mm

Max cut opening: 380 hard / 400 soft mm

Oil pressure: 250-350 bar (min-max)

Hydraulic flow: 80-150 l/min (min-max)

Width: 1452mm

Length: 1500mm

Height: 654mm

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