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Kindlet Pro Kindling Machine
  • Kindlet Pro Kindling Machine


    The ultimate, fully automatic, professional kindling wood machine. Kindlet Pro converts timber off-cuts and round logs safely into kindling with a market-leading 1.2 second cycle time. Perfect for high volume commercial applications, Kindlet Pro offers the flexibility of finished kindling in lengths of 15cm (6”), 20cm (8”), 25cm (10”), or 29cm (11.5”). Sectional size is easily adjusted using controls on the front of the machine and modern hydraulics ensure quiet and reliable operation. Using Fuelwood’s original ‘X-blade’ design, Kindlet Pro ensures high volume, high quality, consistent kindling.

    Key Features:

    > Fully automatic operation

    > Processes timber off-cuts and round logs

    > Market leading 1.2 second cycle time

    > Flexibility of kindling lengths between 15cm (6”), 20cm (8”), 25cm (10”), or 29cm (11.5”)

    > Extended infeed chute allows over 2.5m of timber to be processed

    > Modern hydraulics and safe operation

    > Wide range of bagging options

    New stock expected Nov 2023
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