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ELKAER Hedge Trimmer Reach Arm HK PRO
  • ELKAER Hedge Trimmer Reach Arm HK PRO


    The HK Pro tool frame is the ideal choice, if you need a relatively light, but very robust tool frame for front and rear mounting on compact tractors of medium size.


    The HK Pro may carry trimmer bars, such as the HK1500-5, the HK2500-3, and the HS1750 saw.


    Your choice of a trimmer bar or a saw should depend on the maximum branch diameter of the hedge and your preferred working speed.


    The HK Pro allows you to work on both sides of the tractor while giving you a reach of 4.5 m vertically and 3.5 m horizontally.


    In addition, the HK pro can turn the trimmer bar or saw in a 220° hydraulic rotation, which provides you with even more flexibility.


    The HK Pro is a relatively small and compact, yet powerful and versatile tool frame.

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