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ELKAER Hedge Trimmer Loader Frame HKL MINI
  • ELKAER Hedge Trimmer Loader Frame HKL MINI


    The HKL Mini frame is suitable for lightweight carrier machines and mini loaders.


    The HKL Mini a hydraulic tilt function, that enables the cutting tool to rotate seamlessly between its vertical and horizontal positions. Loosening two bolts manually will enable you to adjust the side extension of up to 1 meter.


    The HKL Mini frame is fitted with an electronic valve as standard, to reduce the number of oil take-offs needed to just 1x double acting. Furthermore, the HKL Mini frame is delivered with the right attach system for your carrier vehicle, which will enable you to use the Frame right away upon delivery.


    The HKL Mini frame can be combined with our trimmer bar HK1500-5 and the HS1750 saw.

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