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Hakki Pilke 43 Pro Combi Firewood Processor

Hakki Pilke 43 Pro Combi Firewood Processor


Max log diameter 430 mm

Max log length 600 mm

Max splitting power 15 t

Saw chain .404 1,6 mm 68

Bar 18"

Power source PTO, electric, combi

Splitting blade 2/4-way

Out-feed conveyor length 4 m

In-feed conveyor length 2.5 m *



Hydraulic in-feed roller

In-feed guide plate

Log feed assist mechanism

Hydraulic log press

AC 10 (hydraulic)

Button operated saw

Automatically optimised saw press mechanism

Automatic chain oil lubrication

Delay free splitting

Hydraulically retracted log measuring device

Guide plates for falling wood pieces

Log guide plates for controlled landing

Hydraulic swivel out-feed conveyor

Out-feed conveyor speed control (+reverse)

Cleaning out-feed conveyor


Active cover

Oil Cooler

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