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ELKAER Hedge Trimmer Saw HS1750
  • ELKAER Hedge Trimmer Saw HS1750


    The HS1750 has been developed to suit the dimensions of mini-loaders, and smaller tractors, e.g. park tractors.


    The HS1750 is equipped with 3x Ø600mm sawblades, which enables it to cut branches of up to 150mm in thickness.


    The HS1750 is well suited for the purpose of maintaining all kinds of hedges, bushes, and trees, and it will effectively cut branches with clean cuts.


    The work speed is normally about 4 km/h, and up to 8 km/h at max., which gives this hedge saw a great work capacity.


    The HS1750 is compatible with all Elkær reach arms, and can be mounted to reach arms and booms from other manufacturers as well.

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